Battlepass progression is still way too slow

Even after the minuscule changes to the battle pass, it is still way too hard to level it up, and the random challenges are made even more difficult by the fact that YOU LITERALLY CANNOT CHOOSE WHICH MODE YOU WANT TO PLAY. You can have a CTF based challenge and go 4-5 games without getting a CTF. Also, the challenges are just way too random and arbitrary to be easily accessible. 343 launched the game like this and every single dev and playtester before the beta apparently thought it was fine. Thats just intentionally malicious because they will give us a horrible completely abysmal battlepass system, pretend to ‘listen to feedback’ and then make it slightly less horrible. Then they can say " oh look we do actually listen" and then most of the community will be fine with the predatory schemes.

TLDR: Don’t let up with the feedback about the trash tier battlepass, don’t let them get away with giving us a slightly fixed version of it.


The change actually made it worse


Fix iiiittttt!!! Levels should be earned, but one shouldn’t need to live on halo to max out the battle pass.

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Yeah I haven’t played as much as a lot of people on here yet but I have challenges for quick play and total control, I don’t play quick play and I’ve had 0 total control matches so far. I also seem to be getting the same map literally every game :frowning: and somehow many the exp worse if you play fewer games like I do.

I just don’t understand why tbh, I get they need to make money but unless you fork out cash it feels like I’m not really getting anywhere, grinding a couple hundred hours for a helmet or flames is a bit much.

Go buy some sugar free rockstars from Amazon and get a bunch of XP boosts lol. I’ve got like 10 hours in game so far and I’m level 16