Battlepass / progression feedback

I’ve been playing this franchise since CE, and jumped through hoops such as recon vidmaster, reach cr, H5 reqs and mcc challenges from start to current. After playing, and examining the battle pass here’s my take:

  • I like that there’s a bit of grind to this(amount of levels), and adding per match XP was much needed change. The amount is not as important, as long as it remains flexible and you keep listening to the community. Extra XP from campaign challenges would be a nice bonus for those who put regular time into the campaign as well.

  • Overall amount of armor/ bits and bobs in the battlepass is decent. Some would disagree that the battlepass is unfairly priced, but where I’m from 3 bucks a month for 5-6 months to grind out some stuff is fine in my books.

  • I highly dislike having a limited amount of challenges available for completion. MCC did this so much better where all weeklies were able to have progression made no matter what was first in the list

-some of the challenges are too difficult. Notably the ones marked PvP near the end of the weekly offering seem balanced to be…‘extra’ challenging. Without full mp playlist offerings like btb heavy, dedicated flag/ball/zones etc playlists this feedback comes with a grain of salt. Wraith kills aren’t hard to get when the multiple wraiths spawn every match. They ARE difficult when one Wraith spawns 1 out of every 15 matches.

-if the amount of basic/starter items remains as is, it’s not enough. There needs to be a solid base of armor selections and permutations to allow a sense of some customization. This in theory should give a taste to players of how much better things could be IF they buy the battlepass/shop items.

  • price of shop items needs tuning. $15 for one specialty skin like the HCS stuff is on the high side. But as long as a good chunk (like 1/3) of that is re-invested into the community for prize money, tournaments, special give aways and the like it’s easier to justify(transparency with it too to see treasury balance). $15 for emblem, skin, visor combo is wayyyyyy too much. Each item I feel is valued closer to 1-2 bucks MAX. The rockstar promotion gave me a skin, a cool collectible can, AND a drink for around $3.

-you should be able to earn a meaningful amount of credits back in each battlepass. E.g. if I complete the battlepass in the 6 months it’s been alloted, then it’s clear that some work went into doing so. A discount towards the next battlepass or that one shop armor I’ve been eyeing is great motivation to keep playing AND vastly increases the chances I will buy in next season.

So there’s the my main takeaways from the beta as is. my overall sentiment is that the value is not there for the price. I keep telling myself that this is indeed just a beta, and that there’s still room/time for tuning and improvement. What I don’t want is for this to continue to split the community.
Don’t be greedy AND stingy. If you’re gonna make us pay for armor and skins, they have to be high quality, premium level items. Basic armor and colors stuff should be in earnable with gameplay. 343 needs to set a precedent of what a good business model should be, and not place itself slightly above the worst offenders. Don’t aim to make ALL the money. Aim to make enough to keep the content flowing and players happy, while turning a sustainable profit.