Battlepass progress system

This battlepass progress system needs to go. It needed to go since the beta. It’s pathetic that we have to completely focus on doing these challenges in order to make any kinds of progress. Especially if your set challenges are difficult to complete. What’s also ridiculous is that you need a special item in order to swap out challenges. Simply playing matches should earn you progress.

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I was talking about this in my topic about the global statistics of social games. Regardless of how you look at it, the system is wrong, it negatively affects the statistics and causes a style of play focused on challenges that is totally counterproductive.


I’m already seeing that counter productive gameplay because they’re playing to complete their challenges. Plus certain challenges are bugged where even when I do it. The game won’t recognize that I’ve done it.

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That it does not recognize that you have completed the challenges is solved with patches, but the other problem is a very serious one that could partly be alleviated if it did not affect the statistics or there were not them directly. I want to think that at least in the rankings people behave.

I’m litterally just playing btb camping grapple hook and not helping my team just so I can get the air grapple jack commendation. Great job 343. I’ve been at it for 3 games now and keep getting killed before I can get it off.

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