Battle: Utgard Machinima serie (I need 3 more person to start the machinima and 9 person to do the s

Hey guys I need at least 16 people (including me) for my new machinima serie (I need people that WANTS and WILL play in the machinima, don’t say you will if you are not sure please).

I need 7 marines (including me) but 2 of them will die during the machinima, I need a lot of elites (some to ride banshees and some to destroy everything), I need 7 marines but for marines you need to have this armor: helmet: military police, left shoulders:Gungnir, right shoulder: depends of your character, chest: tactical/recon, visor color: default or gold, knees and wrist: whatever you want, colors: maroon. Roles: In comment say the role you want before it gets picked!

SGT. John Ambrose: Xavbio
Frank Johnson:
Christopher Roy: ASSASSINinWH1TE
Kurt Johns (the only survivor of the US air force) :
LT. Thomas Clancy (dies in the serie):
Marty O’connor (dies in the serie): Rippinfear
Rookie. Brian Trifon: DDRMONKEY

Aliens (black elites):
9 minors: DDRMONKEY (Guest), Xavbio (guest)
2 ultras: Rippinfear
(When You take a role I will update the post and I will send you a message telling you the armor you need)

I will begin doing the machinima as soon as I have my actors!

And if you have good city maps could you send them to me? I will put your name in the credits if you send a map or if you are an actor!

The story is based on the movie: Battle L.A but with an Halo touch! So we will start with 7 marines but 2 will die. And I always need 16 players (all the person who are not marines are minor elites (in black) And 1 or 2 elites must be Ultra. So the group of marine are the only one left in the city and have to evacuate.

if someone has a city map or, even better, a destroyed city map, please send it to me and I will put your name in the credits. Thank you

If you want to be in the machinima say your role in the comment below and add me on xbox live: xavbio

PS: sorry my xbox is in french so maybe the armor names are not the good one! I did my best for traduction! oh and the machinima will be in english so you can watch it to :slight_smile:

so… do I need to speak or something?
Im Mexican, so dont excpect me to speak English very well…
(BTW, Im in!!)

Thanks man! And no you don’t have to speak but you need to listen because I will tell what you character needs to do for each scene when we will record! or if you don’t have a mic I will send you a copy of the script!

BTW wich character do you want to play? a marine or an alien? :stuck_out_tongue: