Battle Royale mode for Halo Infinite

I’m sure I’m not the first to stress this but it’s something to consider. This battle royale craze isn’t going to die out soon and I personally am happy about that I can say I been a huge fan of Halo from day one and I love all the game modes slayer is beautiful but it wouldn’t hurt anyone only benefit to include battle royale as an additional mode for Infinite. I personally enjoy pubg great game but trust me when I say I wouldn’t be playing pubg if Infinite had this game mode!! Who else agrees!!?

Youtuber Favyn made an argument to combine a new Forge World with a battle royale, two birds one stone.

Personally, I have played Fortnite, and have no interest in this genre. I feel we are starved from arena shooters with equal starts and weapon pickups.

Already Been confirmed Battle Royale isn’t coming to Halo Infinite


How do you know the BR craze won’t die soon? It’s already pretty boring to me.

I swear the better not. I’m so sick of BR games.

Please. God. No.

This topic has been brought up several times in the Halo Infinite section, for anyone interested in discussing this.