Battle Royale: Ideas (Sept 2022)

Halo: Battle Royale (Ideas)

-ODST Drop Pod, Covenant Drop Pods
-Chief can fly, like a brick though (wing suit basejump + one-time jetpack to land)
-When you are downed, you’re visor will be cracked like in H:Reach.
-Assasinations are back
-Start as marine, no armor, pick up spartan armor on the way, helmet attachment can be purchased too.
-If you die, you can battle other players in the training camp Escharum set up.
-When you win, you get the greatest halo theme played as you are cheered on by marines into a pelican. Your name will be displayed for all to see in your Glory. Finally your coating will be noticed, and associated to your elite skillset.

-Playable Elites, Playable Brutes
-Playable Marines, ODST, Blue Team, Sgt. Johnson/Miranda
-Playable Didact/Escharum/Tartarus/Gold Arbiter/Captain Keyes(Infected)

New Mombasa Map from Halo 2 E3,
Planet Reach
Death circle - outside the gas will be flood, jackal snipers, gravemind’s vines. Creepy voice over by the prophet to join him in the great journey.

-New Battle Royale Weapons: [Usable Jackal shields, Throwable Knives, Bow and Arrow grenade launcher (long distance), Sky Missile Launcher, Drone, Green smoke grenades, flashbang, first person mini-gun, reusable flying disc that shreds people, Mountable Fuel Rod Cannon for Long Distance catapulting.
-New abilities: [Didact’s force, glass wall vision, teleportation, jet pack 2.0, speed, wall crawl, robot arm extender & melee]
-New weapons in general: [SMG, Single Shotty, Forerunner Sniper, Blue Flamethrower]

(aka GunSmith-ing)
-new reticles, added scopes, fire rate, recoil, strength, mag size, weight
-Enhanced Weapons/abilities:: Needler needles can be used to set traps, energy sword cuts spartan in half and increased range. , thrust can be used to single melee kill,
-Enhanced vehicles: Banshee can be remote controlled as a dive bomb. Wasp can go invisible. Mongoose can jump.

-One team can be elites, one team can be brutes, one team can be Jackals (2x more players), one team can be grunts 5x more players.
-Season/Holiday Specific Surprises - Drivable Scarab, GraveMind A.I./Flood Spores (halloween), Actual Infected from Flood, Army of Mantis (New Years)
-Smaller Battle Royale map.
-Battle Royale with respawns (as long as one of your teammates are alive)

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you just slammed together PUBG, Fortnite, and Halo all in one. This is halo and only halo, so I like the idea of a Battle Royale but cmon man, lay off the pixie sticks


I honestly can’t wait to see what different types of Battle Royals the community creates with this new version of Forge. The sky is truly the limit and I’m super excited!

In what way are these ideas different from other BRs? Aside from the massive team gamemodes (which would just be big team battle with different starting ground).

People would look at it and go back to their OG BRs, BC there is nothing special here (and I’m pretty sure, that’s the way Halos BR will turn out to be)

Different skins doesn’t turn a game into a different one, let alone make it really stand out, as long as the -Yoink!- pretty bland

Now I am not saying I hate it, Plenty of good content (and still, pixie stix) right there and I would love playable elites, grunts, brutes, jackals,Odst marines, and etc. and playing as a flood spore would be… Incredible!!! (not to mention tank, combat and popcorn forms) but bow and arrow!!! seriously??? I do like cracked visor and assassinations soooo, yeah. This was all over the place so thanks for bearing with me :rofl:

:point_right: peace :point_left: