Battle Royale and Infinite (not your typical BR)

Ok first, read the OP before you start yelling at me. FYI, I have never played a BR nor do I plan to.

I’m not opposed to it, if it’s done correctly and innovates into Halo’s core formula. But, it can work.

64 players per match, solo or fireteams (teams of 4)

Campaign maps throughout Halo’s history that everyone enjoyed rebuilt for Battle Royale

FOB spawns throughout maps, earn points per kill to spawn weapons and vehicles at FOB’s. Multikills double points earned, higher multiplier per higher multikill and spree multiplier.

Capturing unoccupied FOB’s could mean killing Banished that spawn there. After that, Marines could spawn and the FOB will turn into an occupied FOB per your teams color or the colors of your Spartan. Capturing an opponents occupied FOB could mean killing the Marines to capture the FOB for yourself or your team. Capturing multiple FOB’s for your team in team matches could maybe spawn a pelican that can ferry your team around the map and to your teams occupied FOB. However the pelican can be shot down by heavy weapons fire and your team can be shot out of the pelicans passenger bay. I was thinking as well that enemy teams could then grapple into your teams pelican to take out the teams pilot flying the pelican, although that player would be helpless and unable to fight back while piloting. But of a disadvantage there.

Ring of death aka the ring that continuously closes as the match goes on could be a covenant ship glassing the area with visual damage as plasma burns the map in the distance. Players caught in the glassing would have their shields rapidly drained before dropping to the ground in death.

Players would start the pre-match in a UNSC frigates hanger. The match countdown would be maybe 5 minutes while matchmaking searches for players. Players matched would enter the hanger through a door with a short intro cutscene. Upon the countdown reaching 60 second’s, the multiplayer announcer, jeff steitzer would alert all players to get into a pelican as the match is starting. Upon the countdown reaching 0, he would say good luck Spartans and another cutscene would play with pelicans flying out of the hanger into the map, the multiplayer track “Of Blood and Burden” would play.

An alternate match start cutscene could also be players entering drop pods and launching from the UNSC frigate in orbit above the map down to it with the same multiplayer track playing.

Upon entering the map, players would be weaponless and would have to scavenge around for them. Basic weapons such as the AR or Sidekick, and equipment like the grapple shotwould be retrievable from UNSC camps around the map. More powerful weapons, vehicles and equipment like active camo would be in the maps bigger sections such bigger bases or fortresses (the tower mission from campaign) FOB’s as mentioned early on in the thread that can be captured can allow you another way to access weapons and vehicles through a point system. Otherwise searching for weapons on the map would be the primary way to get them. Vehicles could be acquired this way also. FOB’s would just be a secondary objective with perks.

As with usual Battle Royale rules, last surviving team or player wins.


Vehicles would be OP.
AI wouldn’t work well in a BR.
Halo doesn’t have enough weapons and no attachments to make a BR work.
Let’s face it, you’d get a sniper and a BR and you’re pretty much set for the entire match.
Maps from previous games would no way near EB big enough or even designed for they BR gamemode.
I love the glassing beam ring.
With the capturing of FOBs as well I think you’re combining too many things into one gametype. The FOB idea is pretty much what Halo 5 had.
I’d prefer the droppod idea as an opening as it fits the theme better althought allows less maneuvering compared to other games in the BR genre.
Not even the Infinite campaign maps is made for BR. Imagine getting around that thing without a flying vehicle or grappling hook.
Some decent ideas but a Halo BR would just be bare bones with what’s currently available. I’d wait for Forge and see what other people come up with.

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With Halo Infinites current sandbox yes.
Vehicles could be balanced for BR.

I pretty much agree with your reply, and thanks for the feedback. Just a concept I’ve been thinking about.

I think we’re getting some BR elements, but I’m not sure about a full fledged BR mode. There’s mention of ‘wiping’ enemy teams and reviving teammates amongst some new medals to be included in an upcoming playlist update. It also looks like Juggernaut, VIP and Assault are returning :slight_smile:

One thing they could do is put a few bosses on the map, maybe put them in the exact middle or something as a way to discourage teams from just camping in the middle until the end.

The real issue is that the current sandbox is very limiting. Infinite needs like twice as many weapons (and variants) in order to be compelling.

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That’s to do with the new elimination mode, it’s I’m the trailer and you get an achievement with it.

They won’t balance anything specifically for BR. They don’t even balance them between multiplayer and campaign.