Battle Rifles vs REQ System in Warzone

The last few games of Warzone I’ve played I’ve finished with a REQ level of 7 or 8 without any incentive to spend any of it because the battle rifle just kind of… wins.

I refused to even give the BR a try for easily the first fifteen rounds I played because in previous Halo games I was genuinely awful with it and have never found strafing back and forth going for headshots overly entertaining. So I used the AR and pistol to reasonably good effect for taking bases or defending them and then grabbed a SAW, rare needler or ghost when I had the points (the only unlocks I had besides a Mongoose and piles and piles of armour.)

Having now given in to the battle rifle I honestly cannot see any point in using anything else most of the time. It seems to be ridiculously easy to use and the game just gives me headshots and perfect kills when I could have sworn I hit them in the chest or missed completely.

Since I doubt that a few years of Halo abstinence has somehow made me better with the BR I can only assume the hitboxes are huge or my connection is doing all the work for me. Either way having a BR as a loadout weapon really feels like it is making the core design of Warzone almost pointless.