battle rifle

should they bring it back.

idk, should they?

why not



idc if they use dmr, BR, or a new precision weapon. as long as its hitscan i will be happy.

Halo 4 is the sequel to Halo 3. Just because the Battle Rifle wasn’t in Reach doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in Halo 4. It should be in Halo 4.

Burst fire is terrible for online play. They should make the BR a single-fire or make a new weapon entirely.

I could care less. I liked both the BR and the DMR, I just wasn’t too fond of spawning with them in every other gametype. I would prefer to pick them off the map, that way only a few people have them, rather than the entire team.


This ^ :slight_smile:

Well hopefully they make some cool weapons that everyone can agree just plain work. But I would like the BR in forge at least to have some old fashined burst fire fun.

I’d prefer the DMR, single shot weapon is better at distance because it’s more accurate, I would like to see stronger and unique weapons in halo 4, and weapons with bigger clip sizes too

IMO, no

it’s lived in two HALO games, and that is enough

Halo is about New things, not reviving old things

i think that 343 should stick to the DMR, but of course, make it useless to Vehicles

I have to say yes and I don’t see how DMR can make a comeback. It was a gun before the BR and the BR later took its place.

I’m honestly fine with either the BR, DMR, or a new primary weapon. It’s not my main concern for Halo 4.