Battle rifle

Is it just me or does anyone else love the battle rifle in swat?

I like swatnums better.

I prefer it over then magnum yes


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> DMR.

DMR is so much better for swat if you ask me.

br is the best

I prefer the DMR, but i would take the BR over magnums anyday… mostly because i seem to do worse on magnums

DMR > BR > Pistol, but now that the weighting has changed, I like them all…it got old playing swatnums every game

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> Is it just me or does anyone else love the battle rifle in swat?

I have to go with the rocket launcher. It is a beast in swat.

Love the BR in ALL playlists just because it reminds me of h2,h3 some of the greats I like to play big team a lot because of that just depends if folks are online of course.

The trouble with the BR is overusing it makes your magnum aim go to -Yoink-. The magnetism/assist on it is ridiculous. Come to think of it h5 might be better served if the magnetism/assist on the precision rifles was brought to pistol levels, so their edge would simply be the stronger scope.

I love that they added DMR to Swat!!! I love the DMR and it is a lot less available for use in H5.

It goes Magnum, DMR, BR.

I prefer the DMR myself. Haven’t played any matches with Magnums though. Only DMR and Battle Rifle.

dmr or magnum swat for me. perferably DMR. BR’s just make it a chore because they allow people to be sloppy an still get kills plus they suck at long range forcing the artificial mid range engagements that last a second. most of the time you just get blindsided by lucky joe. dmr’s are pin point accurate no matter where you aim so as long as the reticle is on the head you KNOW if you pull the trigger they lose

It wouldn’t be swat without the battle rifle!