Battle Rifle vs DMR [POLL]

This is so we can help 343i decide what type of gun to put in the game.

Here is how it will work:

Quote the Below Post and fill in the blanks.

BR votes:56
DMR votes:35

BR vs DMR:


i don’t think a variable rifle would be good cause then people only need to rely on one weapons

I don’t really want any of them. But if I would have to decide between the 3, I would chose BR.

Br was over powered. It was better then all other weapons at any range. It made Swat a walk in the park as you only had to hit one of the three bullets so you just spray left to right. It was far to good close range when combined with a melee. Also pretty good at long range spraying to lower shields for team mates.

The DMR with anywhere from 70% of its current bloom to 10% is the better weapon. You need to have accuracy over spraying and lowered bloom takes away the “Luck” factor.

Also the variable would be pointless if the burst is as accurate as it is in Halo 3.

seeing as the BR and DMR use different types of ammunition it would be pretty idiotic to have both shooting from one gun.

If you mean a BR that can shoot single shot technically it is supposed to be able to do that, technically the BR is a superior weapon to the DMR>

DMR. But I wouldn’t mind a variable rifle, circa Halo 2 E3 multiplayer preview, with a default 3 round burst and semi automatic fire when zoomed.

if you wanna talk story the BR came after DMR so the BR should be more superior than the DMR but i would take the DMR over the BR any day


Battle Rifle

Way more fun

Strictly the BR. It allows for a lot of map movement, which is great for gameplay.

why does everyone hate the DMR

i love halo 3 to and still play it but i just like the DMR better

> BR vs DMR:
> BR
> Why:
> Would you be okay if 343i put a variable Rifle in Halo 4 to replace both Rifles?
> Yes
> No
> Why or why not?:

BR vs DMR:

Reason: The DMR feels like it packs a much bigger punch than the BR (thanks to the audio, too).
It is also much more accurate when keeping an eye on the Bloom, which makes it more rewarding because you think “I want to shoot THERE” and the bullet WILL hit there. With the BR the three bullets hit the area around where you wanted to shoot.
The DMR has bloom, making it automatically harder to use well. Watch a couple MLG Pro games to understand what I mean.

Would you be okay if 343i put a variable Rifle in Halo 4 to replace both Rifles?

Reason: It’s impractical - if one bullet takes 1/5 of the total shield points then it takes 5 shots to deplete an enemy’s shields.
If you add an option to make the weapon a burst fire weapon (eg: 3 rounds/shot), then you only need two shots to KILL the enemy - first shot depletes 3/5 of the shields, second shot depletes the shields with two bullets and the last bullet headshots the enemy.
It makes no sense to magically lose the ability to headshot or to decrease the damage of each bullet if the user is using the burst-fire mode and you can’t make each bullet weaker than 1/5 of the total shield points because no one would use single-fire mode.


> why does everyone hate the DMR

It’s easy to spam and can wreck vehicles… which it shouldn’t be able to.

BR Because it was allot more fun! And it would assist in the direct continuation of the story-line. As chief never had a DMR

DMR is more realistic and takes more skill - DMR.

Halo 3 BR
-You had to lead your shots
-Almost impossible to kill someone at long range that is standing still
-Wasn’t spammable or random
-Not hitscan
-Didn’t wreck viechles

-Has huge bullet magnetisim(even if your retecule is way of you still get the headshot)
-Hitscan you can kill somone across hemmorage thats afk or standing still
-Wrecks viechles
-In a 1v1 situation between 2 equally skilled players luck comes in the facter with bloom

I’d say Br even though the 1 bullet kill difference doesn’t matter because the dmr is spammable

BR without a doubt, surely by now people can see the DMR is too random and luck based.

@PeakShrimp - the BR in Halo 2 was HitScan.