Battle Rifle Starts in BTB

I want to start with a BR in BTB for the simple fact that I want to be able to see someone in the map and know hey if I outgun them I have a chance at getting the kill, I feel like I have to run close to anyone with the pistol to even have a chance if they picked up a BR or sniper.

I feel the same way every kill I get I get traded immediately because I have to get up close and personal and can’t have enough space to pull back

yes, yes. all of my yes. I cannot begin to understand why they think its ok to play on HUGE big team maps and NOT have a BR start. the pistol is NOT a good enough substitute for that. I dont enjoy holding forward with an AR to try and get kills in a big team game. makes absolutely zero sense.

I think the bigger issue is BTB only has 3 maps.