Battle-rifle or Magnum (Halo 5)

Hello to everyone!
Which one of these weapons do you think is best to use in Halo 5’s multiplayer?
The Battle-rifle, or the Magnum?

I personally prefer using the Battle-Rifle but I have been smoked by a Magnum. I believe its just preference but some may say otherwise.

Someone who is truly in the meta will likely say Pistol. But me, I suck. So BR in lieu of an AR.

I prefer using the Battle Rifle over the Magnum honestly. Is it Meta, no, but it’s fun and feels great for me.

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> I personally prefer using the Battle-Rifle but I have been smoked by a Magnum. I believe its just preference but some may say otherwise.

Yeah I personally think the BR needs more skill than the Magnum.
If you miss a burst, you are done.

Battle rifle all the way. The magnum IS busted, but nothing can take my love awway from my BR.

just use both. then figure which one works best for you

Depends what your playing and how you want to play. if you playing ranked Your going to want to get good with the pistol. No time running around looking for a BR if you buddy needs some help. I honestly love both though

H5 Magnum. Was the base of my career…

I pick the magnum the only battle rifle I like is Halo 2s then along came Halo Infinites battle rifle now it’s one of my favorite weapons but not Halo 3 4 or 5s battle rifle IMO

As I do primarily focus on player the PvE based multiplayer playlists, I would say that I prefer the Battle Rifle as the small bullet spread may increase the likelihood that I do manage to hit the headshot from a distance.

I personally prefer the BR. I have like it since Halo 3. Looks like it’s taking a hit in infinite though. I hope they make some adjustments but, probably not going to stay a favorite.

Magnum, mainly because it is on the loadout

Post-tune it’s clearly the Magnum since it outshines the default H5BR in nearly every essential way.

343i were redesigning the H5BR to replace the Magnum as the starting loadout weapon and in doing so they were planning on making it a less effective weapon. Then they abandoned that goal after receiving negative feedback; yet, didn’t course correct some of their design changes in order to give the weapon a proper sandbox fit. Now it’s essentially the black sheep of the sandbox which is too bad because some of the changes were quite good for the sandbox. They really just needed to give back its old Red-Reticle-Ranges (RRRs) in order to provide it a niche area of effectiveness over other precision options. This is also why I continue to clamor for 343i to replace the default H5BR with the Recon Long-Barrel variant within the Arena environment; make it the new default H5BR for the Arena environment. Instead 343i left the H5 sandbox and playlist tuning as it was (incomplete) and turned their attention to overhauling the MCC.

definitely the Battle rifle, it has been my staple gun since halo 3 although the magnum is my brothers primary

I dont pick up the BR as much I as used to after they changed it… its just magnums now