Battle Rifle Bug?

I’m not trying to come up with excuses, but does it ever feel like the BR just doesn’t work right sometimes?

I’m talking about in a normal game with normal ping.

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I experience it on occasion. I shred the guy’s shields but my headshots seem to either not count or the game registers them on somewhere else, like the shoulder.

Hit reg is very broken in Infinite right now it seems.
I threw grenades at guys who’s shields I have broken, and see them land by their feet; only for me to get a hit marker rather than a kill.


D E S Y N C.

Infinite has the worst hit reg problems I’ve experienced. My nades will blow up right under a guy, but only does 1/3 shield damage. The BR seems like only 2 of the 3 bullets hit in a burst. The bloom, on weapons that have it, is exacerbated. I can be in a gunfight and my opponent will hit the air on my screen, then I die all of a sudden to a melee somehow.

343s servers are doodoo at the moment, even on local ones.

Deez nuts sync
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Doesn’t help when equipment that has been fired also just disappears when we die. Makes “Death from the Grave” a very annoying medal to get at times.

You don’t even have to die for it to disappear.

I’ve seen a few clips where people fired a rocket and instead of an explosion, the rocket just despawns on impact.