Battle Rifle 4 shot bursts?

I’ve been watching the Kansas City Major and noticed from the spectator cam, sometimes the players are getting a 4 round burst from their BR? Is this a thing?

They seem to melee, or weapon swap mid reload and/or change weapon/melee mid burst, and when they switch back to the BR the ammo counter is no longer divisible by 3, and the next burst they fire seems to have 4x streaks coming off it, for a 4 round burst to switch back to the normal 3 round bursts.

Kinda explains why I feel like I get lazerd sometimes. Anyone else know this?

There is no four-shot burst. You can interrupt the three shots if you you melee, reload, etc. during in the middle of a burst so it is not unusual to see the ammo counter as something other than a multiple of three.

There is a way to get a “double shot” involving the thruster, but it is insanely hard to time right, will likely throw off your aim even if you are using controller paddles, and it will punish you with a reload animation if you mess it up. It is too risky for even the pros to try in ranked/competition.


The double shot is only feasible using the repulser imo. It is pretty easy once you try it because the repulser doesn’t make your opponent leave your crosshair if you time it right. They just go straight away from you, but your reticule stays red the whole time

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What is the button combo for the double shot with the Repulsor? Do you have a link? I’ve only seen it for the thruster and a much weaker version with the Grappel Shot + Shock Rifle.

It’s nothing but a visual thing.