Battle Rife has wrecked the principle of swat

The whole idea of swat is to challenge your self and others to see who is the better marksman!
semi auto guns with medium fire rate to sought out the men from the children…
so why has 343 put the battle riffle into swat… completely wrecking the foundations of the game mode.
As a lover of the swat game mode and the halo saga!
I believe that they should be removed and restore swat to its former glory!

In John Madden voice…heres a guy who never played halo before reach.

just a question. Did you begin playing swat in Reach?

You do realize the BR has been in swat since H2… right? I’m pretty sure this would make alot of people angry…

its former glory was founded on the BR, i dont know what youre complaining about on that front.

Did you ever play Halo 2 or 3?

Removing the DMR would restore swat to its former glory, or they could make 3 different SWAT game types.


Former Glory? Halo 2 and Halo 3 both utilized the BR in swat along with pistols and Carbin. So not really sure where you’re going with this.

BR has been in SWAT since 2…

I prefer the dmr for swat myself but I figured I’d let you know that the swat game mode started with the BR back in halo 2. So technically the BR was the foundation of swat. You must’ve became a halo fan when reach came out.

I miss the carbine in SWAT, couldn’t it be a weapon placement on the map? along with the LR?

The OP is slightly right though. But instead of removing the BR, all you need to do is tighten the burst up a little to prevent triple kill sweeps.

Here’s a history lesson for you since you have obviously never played Halo before Reach.

SWAT was introduced in Halo 2. BR starts. Hugely popular. There was a gametype with Carbine starts.

SWAT was put into Halo 3. BR starts. Hugely popular. Carbine’s on the maps. Hugely popular.

SWAT was put into Reach. No BR in the game, DMR replaced it. Popular.

SWAT has been put into Halo 4. Using both weapons that were the primary weapons back then, which are the BR and the DMR. Hugely popular.

oh my gawd.

It’s the maps that make SWAT great to play, Halo 4 is ok but it was better on Halo 2 & 3.

Beside the BR being in older games, the DMR takes less skill to get a headshot with then the br…

Ive got headshots by shooting people in the chest. Bullet Magnetism is amazing.

SWAT has been around since the Halo 2 days when some crazy person decided to put that in a custom game. Caught on a fire, and has been going for about 8 years now.

this is a funny thread

Remove BR from SWAT and I stop playing H4 permanently.

Did you start playing swat when reach released because halo 2/3 swat was the carbine and br. They are the weapons that made swat.

> Remove BR from SWAT and I stop playing H4 permanently.

also, this.

<mark>Der PRBLM WIV SWAT iz PPL votin 4 COMPLEX cuz dey liek to camp da roof or far side of da mappy wappy, Dey a bunch of loserz wiv DMR’s, ermagahd</mark>

But seriously, remove Complex from the game in general or move it BTB, plz, ty.