Battle Passes should be completable regardless of paying

I paid for the BP and completed it, but regardless of paying for the BP, you should be able to progress any past BP. Believe me it is amazing that they are letting BPs stay forever, but completing the BP shouldn’t be reserved for paying players after the season ends.

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I would take 343’s side on the Free BP being inaccessible to free players if only they have had a reason to lead me to believe that all they are marketing is BP.

But considering a majority of the Free BP for Season 1 is stripped bare and have barely anything in it makes me feel like they should just have Free BP for at least Season 1 remain free.

If we’re talking about Season 2 though, the Free BP is actually pretty packed with stuff, so I would totally understand locking it away once the Season is over, but remaining up for the player to purchase and unlock anytime they want.

After all, a business has to make money some way, and incentive to purchase the BP, especially since the BP buys the next one as well on completion, gives reason for it to stay a little limited for at least the Season it is introduced.

I mean even the best games like FF14 do this with their Event cosmetics, making the player buy them for as much as 20 dollars for a set long after the Event is over with no chance of it returning for the players to “earn”

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You can complete the old ones tbf, you just won’t unlock anything. But while you’re playing you can still finish them off in case in the future you decide you want to pay and buy them. Particularly good for those that want to wait and domino effect buy them all with credits. If they all have 1000+ in it means you could finish them all then one day spend $10 and unlock all of them.

It sounded like you couldn’t do anything with the BP after the season ends, so I guess that is better than I thought it was. Still 343 made it sound like the BP was going to be around forever, regardless of paying.

Obviously this BP is WAY nicer than most other games ever are and I don’t want it to seem like i’m shifting goal posts.

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No you’re right they didn’t announce it beforehand and I believe it wasnt intended until the change to credits were made. It’s not the best.

But I also am glad the battle pass doesn’t expire now I’ve paid for it. Life gets in the way sometimes so I’m glad to know it will be waiting for me when I’m back.

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