Battle Pass XP And Challenges

OK so I’ll start this by saying I ain’t great at this game i played a ton of halo 2 back in the day and halo 3 but I just ain’t got the reflexes to be playing against kids hooked on monster and snorting ritalin, it’s pretty rubbish that the only way to progress the battle pass is through challenges that after a while become pvp only I was pretty stoked to see bots being included as it looked like a nice chill way to play the game and relax and level up the battle pass but instead I’m having to jump into pvp and I’m against guys pulling 360 no scopes and getting steam rolled and just feeling like I don’t belong on this game as I’m just bringing the team down.

I feel like we should be able to progress the battle pass while playing against bots once the game is out I’ve given my money I should be able to unlock the things from that battlepass by any means of matchmaking provided in the game. Maybe its just me who’s thinking like this but that’s just my thoughts ATM game plays great on the series s and I look forward to the campaign and what that will bring but right now I honestly don’t see myself playing much multiplayer I’ll just stick to MCC for that fix.