Battle Pass: What did I pay for?

Ok, so… I’m a little confused about this battle pass situation, and I’m looking for clarity before I express outrage…

My understanding was that there are seasons, each season has a battle pass and apparently a premium battle pass which I don’t recall them ever talking about the latter. Anywho…

The battle pass is $10 and gets me access to all of the armor and such in that season (through progression of course).

The premium battle pass does the same thing, but with boosters and what not to speed up the process, for more money.

Now, if I’m understanding this correctly, it seems like the premium battle pass gives you more armor unlocks than the regular one that I paid for, AND armor unlocks for special events are separate from the battle pass AND whether it’s a timed event or regular time, there are armors outside of both that cannot be unlocked through progression (that I paid for) and can only be bought with real world money?

So yeah… Is that correct? If so, seriously 343 lied to people and it’s incredibly deceptive. I would have happily paid $10 or even $20 each season for a pass that just gave me access to everything and allowed me to avoid the microtransaction BS, which what what I thought I was buying, and 100% how they messaged it. I would like some clarity on this, super disappointed in 343’’’

The premium battle pass is what you paid for.

No, I think I paid for the regular battle pass, right?

The premium battle pass doesn’t give any additional armor unlocks.

The event unlocks are free.

Basically you buy the battle pass (or premium) to access all the armor unlocks in the battle pass and there are additional armors, etc you can purchase in the store.

The only major difference with the premium battle pass is you automatically unlock 25 levels without playing.

No there is only free and premium, if you paid you have the full battle pass.

Did you buy credits but not spend them on the battle pass potentially?

I think the only difference between the two purchase options are 25 levels of progression. Correct me if I’m wrong but that was my take away.

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There are actually 3 levels of battlepass. Free 0$, which allows you to unlock everything labeled free on the battlepass. Paid battlepass 10$, which allows you to unlock everything on the battlepass. Premium 20$, which is the same as the paid battle pass with the exception that it give you enough xp grants to level up 25 levels and extra xp boost and swaps. Everything in the store is exclusive to the store.

Ok, gotcha, so essentially, unless it’s store exclusive armor (which seems like BS tbh) everything in the battle pass/special events is unlockable through normal progression if.I bought the $10 battle pass?

yep, thats correct. The special events are free to everyone though, you dont have to buy the battlepass to unlock those items

nah the premium is the same as the normal, you just get level 25 at the start. as far as I can tell anyway. everyone has to deal with the tenrai event being timed weirdly, and the out of pass store stuff is the same for everyone.

You don’t pay for the “regular” battle pass, it’s free and everyone automatically has it. The premium battle pass is what you spent $10 on, and if you did then you will unlock everything shown in the battle pass list of 100 tiers.

That said; still hate this system. They are really taking advantage of people’s love for Halo here and the lack of response after seeing this backlash for days on end is kinda… phew glad I’m not 343 right now.