Battle pass system

I really appreciate the team adding a constant xp for finishing any game but 50 xp per game is still really low. Sometimes the challenges are cool but id really rather them be meant for unlocking really cool looking armor rather then adding xp to your pass to unlock armor. Past iterations of progression was perfect where you get more xp based off your performance from game to game adding points for medals you get during games.

I’d also like to say that past progression systems were more inclusive for people to rank up while playing then this system is. The reason why is that some challenges you wont get done for multiple games especially if you aren’t a strong player, with the past system a weaker player would get more xp per game then they do with this system. The gameplay is SO fun but the progression system is looming over it a lot. Again imo adjusting the challenges to being needed to unlock really cool looking armor (like mythic armor) and bringing in past system progression for ranking up would be so amazing and immediately get people hyped and committed to playing the game more!


I agree. I am thankful the team made the change to even add xp to the end of matches. However, I find myself discouraged from playing if my playtime doesn’t feel rewarded. I am an externally motivated player. I love watching levels and xp go up but only if I feel I can do so while also having fun. The issue with this system is that I don’t feel like me playing the game is rewarded past general skill building. Unless I play the game in a specific way each match, I won’t be unlocking the cool cosmetics that I paid to be able to unlock. At that point, once I complete all the challenges I feel I can do in just playing the way I want, I don’t feel like playing the game at all. I would rather go do something else entirely than stick around and just play for fun. I love the gameplay, and I do want to just play for fun; but the challenges are always in the back of my mind reminding me that I am not using my time effectively to level up the Premium pass I spent money on.

I was actually gonna get off completely one night until I read that regular matches will progress the pass. That gave me a boost of motivation to keep playing the way I want for longer. It kept me playing more matches past everything I needed for challenges. But, when I saw it would be 20 matches per 1 level, my motivation waned again.

I have a similar issue with CS:GO. I think the gameplay is fun, but I am not really externally motivated by that game. Many people play just for the joy of getting better at the game. And while I do enjoy that, it doesn’t keep me playing for as long as it does for other people.

Overall, I understand my issues with the current system are mainly self imposed based off my physcology, but I do not think it would harm the game to change to cater a bit more to players like myself; players who would total play way more if our passive/neutral time playing the game felt more rewarding compared to right now. After that, the challenges and other target action motivators would be the icing on the cake to get me to explore the game every once in a while, and make progressing faster (rather than feeling like the only way to progress).

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