Battle Pass sucks

We all know it. The Battle Pass is horrible. It was only made the way it is so people will spend money on it. It takes 20 games with the daily mission of playing any match to get to a single level. To get to level 1 to level 100, it will take literal thousands of games. Anyone who is already above level 20 either paid for all the levels, or is a no life who has played Infinite 24/7 since the multiplayer Beta. It is very clear that the Battle pass was made JUST so 343 could make money from people.
The daily mission is quite literally the only way to get XP from a game 100% of the time. And they make it worse by having all the customizable objects locked in the Premium battle pass. Now you have to spend money just to customize your spartan. I have to say this is a brand new low for the Halo series. 343 has show complete and utter hatred for the Halo series and it’s fans. I’m honestly shocked that people defend this game and company when it’s clearly only driven by greed and is run by a bunch of idiots.
There is no way they made the Battle Pass for people to complete just through playing the game. How did this Battle Pass get into the game at it’s current state? The only explanation is it’s because they only wanted money out of people. I could honestly expect a Battle Pass like this in an EA or Activision game, but in Halo? Way to treat you costumers like cattle only to be seen as money cows ready to be milked! I miss the days of Bungie Halo where they honestly saw us as gamers and Halo fans.

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