Battle Pass Progression System Hybrid

The battle pass progression system is not its best version yet. The exclusive earning of XP through challenges limits my ability to prioritize playing the objective, or to even play the game as I would like to. I have performed well with my team for entire matches only to receive the 50xp from playing the match. My battle pass progression does not reflect the effort I am putting into each match.

I like the diversity the challenges offer to my motivations while playing the game. They have given me more approaches to gameplay, but when they get in the way of me playing with my team or enjoying the game as I would like, the challenges become frustrating and grindy.

I feel that a hybrid system of a more traditional XP system with supplemental challenge XP would be the most ideal to progress through the battle pass. A system that rewards prowess in battle, and reflects the effort put into each match. This would look like XP granted for kills, assists, objective and such, as well as the challenges already in place.

Thank you for reading this today. Let me know what your think if you have a moment.