Battle pass progression suggestions

Although the battle pass progression is being worked on, i have some suggestions that me and my friends have come up with. First of all, 50 xp doesn’t seem like enough to keep the attention of players focused on leveling the battle pass. For example, i have most of my challenges done, and the ones I have left are difficult to complete in a short time, and one(heatwave kills) doesn’t even work. This means that i have to complete 20 games to level up one time, no matter how well you did in game. For me, my attention doesn’t last 20 games without something like a challenge to focus on. So my suggestion is that you should get more xp based on how well you perform in that specific game, not just a participation prize. Another suggestion is for challenges to be more generalized, instead of just get x kills with this gun or whatever. (These suggestions have probably been made already, but this is my first time on the forum, and i just wanted to say what I was thinking)
Other than the painful battle pass grind, the gameplay has been very fun, and my experience has been overall good