Battle Pass Needs to Contain ALL Cosmetics

Multiplayer is free, so cosmetics cost money. Fine, but why in the world does buying the battle pass get me less than half of the games current content? I thought the point of a battle pass was that I would get everything available. For those who only want one item they would be purchasable for a bit more in the store, but not exclusively in the store.
Instead you buy the pass, and then one week later they add more armor to the game in their “Free Event” where it actually costs 70 more dollars for the new content. Absolutely absurd.
The “Heroes of Reach” pass doesn’t even contain everything from Reach. It has something like 1/5 of the armors from that game, and not becuase they just aren’t in this new game, no, it’s because they’re sold separately. You like CQB and JFO? Well too bad you need to buy them in the daily store a month from now when 343 decides you’re worthy of spending 10 bucks each on them.
Remake the battle pass. Put all of the seasonal content in it the way Modern Warfare does. Fixing the battle pass won’t even cost them money on their end. It just means the player will no longer be getting ripped off when they buy it.
After stating many times that their goal with the game was to avoid FOMO and Chore-list style progression, we get the greediest, most FOMOest, chore-doingest progression system of any free to play game currently available. And those free to play games don’t have a 60 dollar campaign on the way to help with costs like Infinite.


Agreed, the battle pass is really underwhelming and the shop is over priced. I really want to see the shop items eventually make there way into the battle pass system so I don’t have half my unlocks remain locked.

I think 343 are under the assumption that we loved the XP boosts in Halo 5 so much that they stacked them all over the battle pass

people bought the pass for customization choices, not a bloated 100 tier track of mostly gimmick items.