Battle pass more incentives for playing objective and more progression for the winning team

Ive been loving playing Halo infinite with my friends and am even more happy that 343 have implemented the 50 exp challenge for completing a game which helps progress the battle pass even if it is by just a small amount.

My idea is a pretty easy one to implement and it would be in the same section as the daily challenge of where you play 1 game and you get 50 exp. I think there should also be a 2nd challenge in the category which is “Win 1 game” this meaning if your team wins you get 100 exp towards the battle pass and if you lose you get just the 50 exp for playing a game and not winning.

Ive seen a lot of players playing to the challenges and not doing the objective as much whether this would be waiting on weapon spawns or leaving ghosts for opponents to use so they can get a ghost kill are just examples where i have seen this happen. Even myself who needed pulse carbine kills and saw a rocket hog spawn. I was torn, do i keep putting myself through the torment of using the pulse rifle or do the more fun thing and forget about my challenges and go for the rocket hog.

I think while implementing this challenge of 100exp for the winning team and just 50 exp for the losing team wont fix the problem it would help because it might incentivise people to not play for challenges and more play the objective.

Let me know what you think =)

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Yeah I think there needs to be two challenges for the daily section, one for playing a match and the other for winning, because since their update to the challenge system I’ve encountered too many people AFK farming for XP, the system is fundamentally broken at this point.