Battle pass’ Duration

So, I have reach level 20 on the battle pass, the new weekly and daily challenges are making progression really comfortable, but my problem came when I realized the battle pass is gonna last 157 days, more than 5 entire months, on least than 2 weeks im complete 20% of the battle pass so I guess that is gonna take 8 weeks more or least to complete it, so what am I gonna do the other 3 months? I know that you guys want all the players to reach level 100 and thats ok, but as the battle pass won’t expire, why is this battle pass gonna last to long? I like Halo Reach content but I would love to see more and fresh content for the mark VII or new spartan cores, So I think that you need to reduce the time of this battle pass so we can receive new and fresh content!
Thank you in advance!

There will still be Facture events and other events, I assume they’re going to mix in a bunch of other stuff during an entire season.

Does anyone remember when I made a really popular post about how everyone was going to be upset about progress being too fast once it was changed.

It’s like I’m a psychic or something lol :grin:

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I hate it since day 1 of the game, I saw it was 166 left, I was like wtf

Yep, I remembered replying to that lol