Battle pass complete

So, playing completely casual with little to no care for challenges or ultimate rewards, i reached level 100 in the battle pass. We still have 2 months before season 2. Other than just playing for fun, what else is there to do in the game?


Absolutely nothing unfortunately.


Hey at least it lasted you that long, some of us had a bunch of spare time and was over hyped and we have been waiting months already lol.

But nothing, other seasons are 3months long though so like half the time of this season so thats good! Just a shame no much content i care for

I completed the BP too plus all unlockable achievements and now there’s very little incentive to play, certainly not for the pure joy of the game. I finished off Fracture Tenrai last week and with nothing compelling this week, haven’t played a single match.

They only real incentive I have to play is to go for Weekly Ultimates. Once I completed them, and sometimes I do in a matter of two days I’ve no reason to play for the rest of the week.

343 desperately needs to implement a slow grind rank system like Reach.

I just play some BTB matches from time to time. I need to get Legendary done in Campaign as well done…

I’m actually happy the Battle Pass is done so I can fully enjoy playing multiplayer without dumb objectives at all being tossed in my face any more.