Battle Pass complete. What will happen with XP from Challenges?

Hello, I already completed the BP but still playing for the Ultimate Challenge. But I want to know if you have some resolution of what are you going to do with the all xp earned from the common challenges. Because for me is a waste of xp if not can be traded for something else like skins, charms or even credits for the game.


I mean… you’ve completed the BP so just like any other game on this planet (with the exception of Fortnite) - the XP does nothing for you. I am sure that will likely change in the future assuming that they’ll actually add in another progression system.

Unfortunately the xp from challenges or game completion does nothing after you’ve maxed out the pass. Considering the weekly rewards have been garbage lately I’ve just directed my focus on Open Ranked and Solo/Duo ranked. Sad but true! If you are bored I would recommend starting the journey to Onyx rank haha


Don’t you feel the BP is too large? I mean most of us are already at level 100 and there’s still 100 days left to it

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Not everyone starts battle pass on day one. Not everyone has a lot of time to play each week. So I think the time the season lasts allows those who have less time to play to still complete it and get rewards.
There are weekly challenges.

You could also consider playing game just for the fun of playing.
And getting better at it.

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I wouldn’t say most, according to Xbox on the achievement “Battle tested” (Completed a battle pass) only 1.67% of played have Completed it


At least according to 343, this Battle Pass was extended due to reasons behind the scenes. If I remember right, most will last about 3 months, with the option of somehow giving exp to past battle passes in you missed out.

As for me, I finished battle pass a couple weeks ago. Now I play for fun or to help my buddies get their challenges done.

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Does nothing. Wont even add up for future passes. But Hay atleast you can buy armour instead of earning it.