Battle Pass complete. What will happen with XP from Challenges?

Hello, I already completed the BP but still playing for the Ultimate Challenge. But I want to know if you have some resolution of what are you going to do with the all xp earned from the common challenges. Because for me is a waste of xp if not can be traded for something else like skins, charms or even credits for the game. It will be really nice to have something we can get (in store maybe or credits) with all that xp.

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It goes into a hidden XP bank from which you cannot withdraw.

It needs to go into a free battle pass. What I mean is that when you aren’t sending your XP into one of the seasonal BPs, XP needs to go in a basic BP where the tiers are unlimited or reset constantly. The only objectives of these tiers are:

  • “Collect 5,000 XP to earn a challenge swap”
  • “Collect 7,000 XP to earn X amount of cR”

5,000 XP equals 5 level ups in the current BP and would mean players would always have at least 1 swap per week, assuming they played 6 matches a day max out their daily XP. Similarly, 7,000 XP means you can get a small cR gain once a week on average.


That is very nice idea!

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