battle pass bug?

It says I unlocked a purple utility (one with the radio and extra gernades) and bracer piece but it doesn’t let me equip them. Any one else haveing this problem or only me?

I am seeing the same thing. It has my battle pass completed through the same level even though we haven’t done anything in game yet for XP. Thought it was a glitch leftover from first flight possibly but I was a higher level than that so not sure why it’s doing what it’s doing.

I have the same issue. Started the flight as level 15 but I only have the stuff I unlocked in the first flight. None of the new stuff.

Same issue here. Unlocked up to level 9 but don’t have access to any of it except for what I had equipped during the last test


Reset my armor to see if it would fix it.
Now I can’t equip any mods at all.

I had come here wondering if anyone had the same problem, cause I had finished the Battle Pass last season, and now I am unable to claim the new prior rewards below rank 20. Buzz kill man.

Hey, I also just came here to see if anyone had the same issue or a fix.I want to equip some chest pieces but can’t because it says it unlocked at level 8 but I’m past LVL 8.

Popping in to say the same thing happened. Obviously there was a carry over in season pass levels from the previous flight into this one and made a weird bug. I’m sure it’ll be a non-issue for launch but still worth noting in case something happens

Me and some friends have the same issue as we all started as a certain level since we all played last flight. So… +4 people having this issue

If you are encountering issues during the flight, please refer to the known issues list on and submit tickets for issues not present.