Battle Pass Boosters: a Re-Introduction of FOMO

So I know you guys kind of already addressed this issue with the 1 hour long booster update, but I still think the battle pass boosters need a bit of tweaking, especially considering the battle pass is the only current way to progress the game in any meaningful way. My suggestion would be that when you activate a booster, it grants double XP to the 5 immediate challenges that are displayed for you to complete. Instead of being tethered to a timer, the player can activate the booster and earn double XP for the challenges without being pressured to play specific game modes or specific play styles within a limited amount of time. It would also remove any lucky/unlucky advantage/disadvantage for players who get a string of challenges that are too easy/hard to complete within that 1 hour time limit.

I played the other day with a booster and had 4 challenges that were the most stress inducing challenges I had to do thus far. The main reason they were stressful wasn’t because they were particularly hard, but it was because I knew that if I didn’t complete them soon, I would either need to waste challenge swaps or forfeit the double XP. If the double XP was just tied to those 4 challenges without the time limit in place, I would have thought, “well I can take a break and come back later to finish these challenges without worry.” Or similarly I could have just stopped focusing on the challenges and played the game like I would normally play it and then come back later to tackle the challenges and still earn double XP. I got unlucky with the challenges I was presented, and I didn’t want to waste a challenge swap because they weren’t necessarily the hardest challenges to complete. But I was being punished by the booster system because I was having a difficult time completing them, and I wasn’t getting to play the game modes I needed to play in order to actually DO some of those challenges. And the pressure continued mounting because of that infernal timer ticking down which made me perform worse because I began to scramble trying to complete the challenge before the timer ran out.

I know some people (myself included) might say, “If they implemented this system, you would actually stand to earn less XP because you can earn double XP for potentially more than 5 challenges with the current system.” And to that end, I would suggest adding triple XP boosters to the battle pass rewards as well. That way, you can justify limiting the amount of challenges that get an XP buff by including stronger buffs to the XP.

Hope you guys read this. Really enjoying the game otherwise.

If they’re going to stick with this challenge-only progression then they need to add additional permanent daily challenges for winning a game & scoring a certain threshold per-game

because right now 50xp per match regardless of the outcome is severely underwhelming.

I mean my issue with that isn’t nearly as big as my issue with the boosters. This whole battle pass was predicated on the notion of 343 removing the burden of a timer looming over you when you purchase their battle pass. To me, they just reintroduce the time in the XP boosters, and the stress piles in from there. Having triple and even potentially quadruple (if they want to be generous) XP boosts that are locked in to a set amount of challenges could even alleviate the 50 XP from one match issue.

It’s also less exp per game than before lololol.