Battle Pass and Bundle price breakdown

With the new progression. Starting at 300 xp at reset each day. In the first 45 min to and hour with a double XP boost I seem to unlock 2 ranks. This is nice. I get 2 unlocks an hour at the right time. Not so bad.

However, if I just consider the money. The battle pass cost me 10 dollars which seems a fair price to unlock 100 mostly random things. That’s about 10 cents per item that is unlocked in the battle pass. That’s 10 cents per helmet, shoulder piece, skin, what have you. That seems a reasonable. Even cheap.

Considering this I don’t see the justification in buying the bundles in the shop for the price they are asking. The double xp and granted xp boost cost 2 dollars for 2 xp boosts (which equals 4 ranks/unlocks) and 2 granted xp boost at 250 xp per boost. That means to me that 343 thinks 4 unlocks plus a 500 xp towards your next rank is worth $2.40. That does seem to be getting a bit more pricey considering the time you need to play.

I might consider purchasing bundle for $2.50 with 4-5 actual items and not just a pistol/BR/AR skin. To me skins are one item for all not per gun.

10 cents an item does sound decent to me not this. $5, $7, $8, $10, $15, and $20 bundles with nothing even good.


FYI double XP boost doubles EVERYTHING so you really want to save it for the beginning of each week (I think its Monday? I can’t remember)

Yeah you pretty much either pay the $10 and slowly get a lot of stuff, or you pay $10-20 outright for something but it gives you far less options.