Battle pass AFK progression

Please get rid of the the “complete X game” for battle pass progression. Both the daily and weeklies. This is promoting AFK behavior. There is no motivation for someone who just wants to “grind” the battle pass to actually play the game. They get 50exp just for being in the game. Can have a wiggle mouse or rubber band on the controller to keep the game from booting for being afk. If they are trying to get a certain game type (like stronghold) and they don’t get stronghold they are just going AFK for the game. Then they are rewarded 50 battle pass exp and ruin the game for the other players. Please add exp based on score. A suggestion, give a range of 50-100 exp based on how well you did in a match.


I’m not digging it. Typically you can’t AFK for a whole match without getting booted. Now with PC there could be some auto clickers, hopefully those wouldn’t be too hard to identify.

It’s not hard to beat the afk timer. Both PC and console can do this with relative ease. There’s lots of videos on YouTube for how to do this and beat games afk timers. I’d say have a bot flag players that have little to no score but that could cause issues on people who just have a really bad game.

I was just in a match with an AFK, never got the boot. It was oddball, two rounds. So yes, this is a problem…

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If you can’t beat them join them

Well, from what I can tell, about 99% of players want progression from each match. I’m not sure performance based XP will be motivation enough.

They could easily implement an additional layer on their AFK algorithm that detects human play that would decrease progression. Like they could detect how you move around compared to how often you were shot at, for example.

I work in automation, so even this could be worked around by creating a layer of automation that makes the player appear to interact in the game even though it’s a program. But, it could help, if AFKers are truly a growing problem.