Battle of Noctus Warzone Assault???

Does Battle of Noctus support warzone assault??? havent seen it yet in the assault playlist after a couple of matches.

So far I haven’t been on it, hyped to play it though.

Haven’t seen that map all day.

maybe 343 should make a battle of noctus only playlist

Haven’t found it in Warzone Assault yet but I’ve only played 2 matches of it since the update.

Really hoping it exists.

Was wondering about this…just played 4 matches straight and it didn’t appear. I feel it is not part of the playlist but hopefully I am wrong …map is awesome :slight_smile:

I still haven’t seen it either

I have a feeling it doesn’t.

They would have done that thing where they say there are “two warzone maps” kind of like the “15” playable campaign missions. I like 343 and what they’ve done, but the whole spinning the truth thing gets old.

I haven’t saw it all in my last 20 games.

I’m pretty sure its not supported, I’ve played at least twenty Warzone Assault matches and it hasn’t come up once. It’s worth mentioning that I did get Summit like 6 or 7 times in a row so it’s not definitive but still, I think I would have seen it by now.

I haven’t been able to play it since the update… ;_;

Haven’t played it yet…

I going with no but it should.