Battle Golf Bug

Suicides in this action sack game mode need to be adjusted due to the massive minefield on both sides of the map. Removal from the game due to repeated suicides and then subsequent banning from joining further games due to accidental suicides is ridiculous in a multi-round game that is this easy to suicide… Multiple hills with mines scattered all over them in a game mode where the objective is to get an object to the center of the map faster than the other team is bound to have both teams experiencing accidental suicides. This is made even more common when each player is trying to hit the ball with a gravity hammer and players are getting knocked all over by each other as well as having the shock wave of the gravity hammer detonating the nearby mines. When the respawn timer in the game mode is only 3 seconds and the respawn points get progressively closer to the center of the map as the ball is moved, there is no reason to ever kick a player for accidental suicides.