Battle Forest Playtest.

Hey guys, I made a map a few months ago that I never had the chance to play. It is 100% complete but my internet service was canceled on me before I played it online. So can someone play it for me? I worked really hard on it and it is ready to go. Once you download it the map is yours to change and republish, all I ask is that I am credited for the original work in the description. If anyone does play it please tell me if you enjoyed it. Maybe even post a game to youtube so I can see for myself.

I may be asking for a lot I know. But I don’t want this fantastic original map to be wasted and buried in time. Battle Forest is a simple Blood Gulch style arena map that plays almost every gametype. It is covered with trees and buildings for great competetive gameplay.

Thank you to anyone who plays and I wish you all a good day.

Battle Forest