Battle Creek & Damnation Remake Thoughts

If you haven’t seen the videos on this website or Youtube, you should. The maps look very good, & now that those maps are actually on Halo, they feel “alien” again, a feeling Reach lacked. Not counting Forge World, because for some reason, forge world doesn’t feel (to me) alien at all.

Other than that, the game play looks great, along with the maps, although there are some minor changes to them.

I think my favourite part about the damnation gameplay was seeing bs angel get embarrassed

Damnation had too much Jetpack for my liking, really like the fact that they are shipping two versions of the map.

Definitely looking forward to Battle Creek to satisfy my thirst for CTF.

looks like more Halo maps, which is fine with me.

this is the campaign forum

Tempest is “Halo” map?