Basic Chat and Invite System is a Joke

So if someone joins you for a fire-team from your friends list, no one can hear anyone. This forces you into a part chat. Then, everytime a game start you are then forced to press BACK and the B to activate game chat. When the game ends and you want to hear your friends you have to enter BACK into party chat… This process has to be repeated, EVERY GAME

Oh, so you want to invite the guy you just played with on your team? That sounds like a good idea but no…
Invite to fire-team… They can’t talk to you because you’re in party chat. Click on his name and select “invite to party”… This takes you into the invite "FRIENDS’ party list, so that doesn’t help because he’s not on your friends list and you don’t even have the option to change to RECENT players. You are now forced to fill your FL with people just to get them into party chat.

WHY, WHY… Have a button that says INVITE to PARTY if it doesn’t work if they aren’t on your friends list?