Baseless Communication ban!?

Hi all!

Yesterday I was playing Halo 4 on Xbox Live, when all of a sudden and right in the middle of a game a message popped up, telling me that I had been banned from Xbox Live online chatting for a week. This came really unexpected for me, as I didn’t use text chat, party chat or anything alike during the whole week. The official support page told me, that such bans may be a result of inappropriate language and things like that, but how can that be when I haven’t even used chat? I use an official Xbox360 Slim (Halo Reach Limited Edition) and haven’t changed anything about the hardware since I purchased it; my Halo 4 is the Limited Edition as well. I have never attempted to modify my internet connection or anything like this to get bonuses, also I’m not a cheater or some cheater-like incredible player; my gaming performance is rather ordinary. So to sum up I can say, that I’m just playing the Xbox360 system exactly as it was intended to be played without using any chat possibilities frequently.

The communication ban wouldn’t even have bothered me that much, as I’m already not using those features frequently, as has been stated. The problem is, that with the communications ban came a ban for the DLC content I downloaded for Halo 4. Although I can’t understand, how communication is linked to DLCs, this is what really bothers me because I got the Wargames pass and through it the right to download and use the DLCs with my Limited Edition.

As I see it, right now I am being denied the right to make use of something I have bought without any concrete reasons for this.

So, can anybody explain this?

Thank you!