Base turrets in Halo 4 Forge

Is it possible to have the base turrets you can use in dominion gametypes be used in normal team slayer so that it shoots at for example the blue team. As I am making a map and I only will be using it for Team Slayer but I would like to spawn base turrets around the map to fire at certain teams. Is this possible and if so, what settings would u need to change?

sadly they are for dominion only

I don’t know. But I stumbled on a fun thing to do on forge which is activating the turrets and then deleting them, the turret will remain but the base of the turret won’t, so that you can place an infinite amount of turrets all around the place. They don’t stay permanently though and by that I mean that if you start a new round they’ll disappear.

Actually, it is possible to use dominion auto turrets in any game type. What you have to do is spawn the turret wherever you like, then press “X” to bring up the object options menu, and change the team from neutral, to either “attacker” or “defender”. Attacker is blue team, and defender is red team. I’m not sure if this works with teams other than red or blue but so far i’ve made a map and have used the turrets without placing them in a dominion base zone.

Will the base turrets work if u are any other team and will they work if you already built a base

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> sadly they are for dominion only

Will the base turrets work if you are a different team and will they work if you already made a base