Base turrets, Do you upgrade them?

Sorry, last new topic for a while, but I was just wondering if you guys bother upgrading your base turrets right away, or if it’s even worth it. I feel like the game can change so fast and while you’re building units after a large battle it can be easy to forget them and wind up with anti-vehicle turrets trying to shoot air units. Sometimes I just feel like they’re better off just leaving them alone, as they don’t do bad in their base form.

What do you guys do?

Depends on what the enemy is doing.

Depends on which clan I am, if I’m Banished I’ll get a Cloaking Generator and Three Shield Generators, but if I’m UNSC I’ll get two anti-vehicle turrets.

I only bother upgrading two turrets with one anti-infantry and one ant-vehicle during the first 10 min. but I wish 343 adds an upgrade to the sensor tower like adding a team of snipers and rocket troopers.

As others have said, it depends. I avoid spending power as much as possible on T1 so I’ll only upgrade them if I absolutely have to in order to defend against something like hell bringers, rabbits, or any anti-building.

I’ll upgrade them 100% of the time once on T3 if I have power.

I’m actually starting to wonder if the upgrade is really even worth it myself. Standard UNSC turrets seem to shoot constantly and do the same damage to everything. For example I played a skirmish game the other day and my fully upgraded anti air turrets couldn’t even bring down 3 hornets. May have been a bug, idk but the back turrets sometimes don’t hit hornets in the front of the base. Definitely need to look into it some more…

Upgrading also means that the turret is now at a disadvantage to the other two unit types. If you do upgrade make sure their upgraded to the right type constantly. For sure not worth the upgrade until tech 3

I use the upgrades at the Armory.
I don’t waste the power on single upgrades, unless I know the spammed “x” unit. Then I’ll switch a couple to that which I need.

turret upgrades arent worth it unless you have used an armory to upgrade your turrets damage and hp% and even then only certain leaders can make use of turrets effectively. once you have enough energy left over though they’re fine to upgrade. otherwise it’s a waste of resources because they’re the first thing to get destroyed by an army.