Base Player Speed and Bullet Magnetism

I went back to Reach the other day because I had no friends on Halo 4, at the time. Above all, there was one thing that made my Reach experience enjoyable: Base-player-movement speed. One could argue, higher base-player-movement speed is unnecessary in Halo 4 due to spring; however, that would be a fairly irrelevant counterargument. The greatest benefit of higher base-player-movement speed is a stronger strafe. 343i, pretty much, all but eliminated the usefulness of strafing in Halo 4. You don’t move fast enough from side to side, and bullet magnetism further decreases benefits that strafing provides.

I would love to see decreased bullet magnetism and increased base-player-movement speed. This would make strafing much more powerful and gunfights much more skillful.

I’m sure, at least, some of you agree with me.