Barely played the game & got a banhammer screen!

Just got kicked out the game and was given a banhammer screen and a date 01/06 I think
every playlist was blocked and a minute or two later it went away
I don’t quit or haven’t done anything wrong I’ve barely had the game let alone played it so please fix this issue before other people get it too

Ive been having thus problem for about 3hours now im on an hour ban because of it

Already happened a ton. It cleared up in like an hour.

Yep, this happen to me too.
Cept, I was playing SWAT.
Everyone clusters to try to get kills and I accidentally killed a teammate. I apologized over the mic and I still got kicked. Then it happen in the very next game, and thus I am sitting on a 5 minute ban.

Wtf is that 343?!

I just got banned as well for quitting. I am suffering from the crashing issue. I would love to be able to finish a game lol.