So, after playing 4 hours of Action Sack, I had to meet someone thus meaning I had to quit the game. I returned hoping to play some more, only to find I was banned for 8 hours. And this happens every single time I quit a game nowadays. Think about it. No mater what we all have a reason to quit the game. Whether your being cornered by tryhards in Warzone or you had to go for whatever reason. And it blows my mind to think you get banned for 1/3 of a day just because you left a couple games. I’m more than happy to be banned for say 20 mins max for quitting, but 8 hours is abysmal.

343i please respond, you read every post so read this one twice. Three times maybe. Jk four min.

Sincerely, TheGreatPotato9

You should post this to the mega thread below:


I’ve never been banned in Halo 5, and I have quit matches before.
Maybe you quit too much?

The power of the ban thread compels you!