Banshees don't count toward Flat Tire.

Was this intentional or is this a glitch? Because the Banshee cannot be boarded in Firefight and because technically there is no AI in it (Just like the Banshees on “The Package”) it doesn’t register as destroying an enemy vehicle. Anyone else encounter this problem? Hope it gets fixed in the Title Update.

Actually, it does.

It does have a driver last time I checked so you can just snipe it out the air on Sniperfight and it should count towards.

it did last time we got the flat tire challenge…

There is an enemy in it, it’s an elite. Secondly, your topic title should read “banshees sometimes don’t count in 2x Score Attack.” Thirdly, you can remedy the problem of accidentally killing the vehicle driver instead of the vehicle itself in 2x Score Attack by either using a weapon that will destroy the entire vehicle at once (laser, target locater, etc) or if only have a DMR or something, weaken the banshee about halfway and let it survive. Imagine how long it takes for an elite’s shield to recharge. Then put a couple more shots into the banshee to blow it up (with the driver still alive inside).

You’re welcome.