Banshee sucks in Halo Infinite

Banshee is extremely weak right now. Definitely not worth 3/4 the entire game for it, if it even spawns.

It’s about as durable tissue paper. It feels easier to destroy a banshee than a mongoose, even with basic weapons. The Wasp can take a lot kore damage before being destroyed.

There is also very little indication of how much damage you have taken. Reach for example had the wings get blast off and set on fire. You just seem to explode out of nowhere now.

The banshee is difficult to pilot. It seems to have very little strafing ability and constantly is moving forward making it hard to shoot anything.

Not that shooting would do much, especially if you are using the banshee bomb. The banshee’s bombs are very very weak. I haven’t killed a single spartan with them. I used to go on killing sprees with that thing in other games.


Just look at this video. It’s ridiculous how bad it is.

It really needs a buff, cause right now it’s like the Wasp took the Banshees Durability & Damage and gave theirs to the Banshee