Banshee in Firefight

I am sure many of us here have seen the mega-thread concerning Falcons in Firefight and it seems to have a lot of support. And while at that sounds fun and all I would much prefer a Banshee.

The Banshee is one of the most enjoyable things in Reach. It sacrifices durability for the sake of firepower and maneuverability. Sometimes I’ll load up Rally Point Bravo on The Package mission just to use it and it makes me think about how awesome it would be in Firefight. I was disappointed when I played Holdout for the first time realizing I could not skyjack a Banshee.

I made a thread similar to this over at and the only opposition to this suggestion spawned from two concerns:

1.) It would make it too easy to boost the vehicular commendation in Firefight.
2.) There are no maps big enough to support such a vehicle.

Obviously, if these are the only concerns then we really have no problem. Because:

1.) 2X Score Attack on Holdout or Glacier allows you to detach a human turret and get masses amounts of kills that count towards your vehicle commendation. Just as fast as a Banshee likely would.
2.) We have maps that would already support a Banshee. Glacier, Holdout, Outpost, Beachhead, Unearthed… pretty much every outdoor map.

I’m just pointing out how much fun it would be. And that since 343 is essentially taking over Halo they should seriously consider this if not for Reach then for a future Halo game.

Thank you for your time.

I am all for more vehicles in general in Firefight.

> I am all for more vehicles in general in Firefight.

Agreed. Thanks for the support.

> I am all for more vehicles in general in Firefight.



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