Banshee Hunt

During a Forge session with a couple of friends, we ended up just screwing around with a Banshee. It made me want to try to turn it into a game type/map, and so I did.

Using the Flood game type as a base, the Flood in this must pilot a Banshee around the boxed in area, being sure not to go to low or else. The Spartans are armed with Plasma Pistols with unlimited ammo, which they must use to try and EMP the Banshees. There are three platforms to shoot from, one being the main one where you spawn and one on either side, able to reach via two way teleporters.

Lives are set to 1, time limit is 4 minutes with 3 rounds total. Recommended team sizes are 2 Spartans for every 1 Flood. There are two versions of the map: one for a smaller group of people one a Big Team version. The files in my file share to download are (gamertag is goomaestro005):

Banshee Hunt (Game Type)
Banshee Hunt (Map Variant)
Big Team Banshee Hunt

Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated, good or bad, as long as it is constructive.

Q: Did you disable the banshee’s ability to shoot?