Banshee Can't aim (Eye-Patch Skull?)

Is this a bug? The Banshees on Anniversary’s Two Betrayals don’t fire on the reticle! I can’t aim! All my shots land halfway between the reticle and the top of my screen.

I should mention that I have Auto-Aim off through the eye-patch skull. Does this problem occur for everyone else with that skull activated? And does it work when the skull is off?

If Eyepatch is on, then bullets/plasma land at random places.

Eye-Patch does indeed alter the banshees firing line. It’s not too hard to get used to with auto-aim off, but if it’s an actual glitch I’d say that it could do with some fixing.

I was under the impression that it only happened when the field of view was changed. I guess it’s true then.

Thats what the Eye-Patch skull does, w/o auto aim where you aim is where you shot no matter what, and all weapons in Halo CEA have spread, plus ur in a vehicle that flys so u can’t really aim that well to begin even with the Eye-Patch skull off