Banshee Bomb Removal

Banshee Bomb + Backflip.

Banshee Bomb + Barrel Roll.

Banshee Bomb, Banshee Bomb, Banshee Bomb.

ALL people ever do is use the banshee Bomb and get kill after kill with it. Halo 2 and Halo 3 was in no way ever like that.

In Reach, the Banshee is WAY to agile, and could probably win all competitions in the olympic’s. It can do maneuvers way to quick, and way to often. And it can withstand a lot of damage surprisingly.

90% of players with the most kills in MM in Halo: Reach have gotten the vast majority of their kills with the Banshee Bomb. It’s a God-like vehicle that people take advantage of.

In Halo 3, the Banshee was most used by “A banshee god” having 50,390 kills with it. Halo 3 has been out for 3+ years.

In Halo: Reach, the Banshee is most used by “Spirit Bombs” with an ongoing total of 87,886 kills. And Halo: Reach has been out for not even a year.

Now THAT is saying something. And it’s just ridiculous. And I’m not hating on anyone, just using statistics.
I would love to see the Banshee Bomb be rid of in Reach, and see how many people would actually like to use the Banshee.

But all in all, the Banshee Bomb needs to have like a 50% reduce in damage, needs to be rid of, or I need to deal with it. 1 of those, I can guarantee you will happen. And it will probably be me dealing with it.

But I can always ask for it to be removed. Asking never hurt anyone, typically.

but think of this its more agile but the DMR wrecks it though
so its more agile but can’t take that much damage thats with every vehicle now so
don’t complain they just traded something for something slightly better

It only needs a huge nerf, but not remove it completely.

DMR wrecks it? Now that all depends on how many lives you are going to waste trying to take that 1 pilots. The Banshee Bomb and the agility the Banhsee has, plus the boost makes you a dead man before he, many times.

I can’t stress how many players use the Banshee as a ‘game’ or ‘game over’ vehicle. It’s worse than Rockets or Snipe on a 2v2.

The stats show that it is way to powerful, and used very much more often. And that tells you that it needs tweaking.

It’s called ban Gamesager from every playlist…

Joking aside, team shotting is effective against the Banshee but let’s be honest even if you get a team shot going, a good team is going to be pinning you down with gun fire anyways and distracting you from killing the Banshee.

The only possible nerfs i see is a longer cool down for the bomb or at the very least between flips (takes a sizeable junk away from the boost meter or something).

Suggestions? Sure and that’s all they are.

> It only needs a huge nerf, but not remove it completely.

And you have shown me that you don’t know how to read all the way through.

And to everyone else:
I made this thread to get it out there, and get it out there more. I would like to see a change in it, and I have shown that.

The bomb could definitely be made weaker, but shouldn’t be reomved altogether. The flips should be made less useful as they were in Halo 3. Lastly to balance this out, the Banshee should be made more resistant to damage, especially the damage that comes from collisions.

I have always tought that Banshee should be more of a splattering weapon as it was in Halo 3, the guns would still be useful, but sometimes you just would have to go to splatter. This is because, generally, splattering brings the vehicles closer to the players. What I mean is that it gives the players a chance to destroy the vehicle. This applies to every vehicle with boost ability.

In Halo 3 the vehicles were balanced by three things: amount of anti-vehicle weapons on the map, more damage resistance for vehicles, and need for vehicles to get close to players. Halo Reach throwed the balance off by only having two possibilities: vehicles are either too powerful or too weak. Banshee being a very good example, it either gets completely destroyed if the other team realizes to shoot it or it completely destroys the other team if they don’t realize to shoot it. There is no middle ground.

Banshee bomb definitely shouldn’t be removed, but the whole vehicle sandbox of Reach would have needed a rebalance a long time ago. Unfortunately, vehicles are something only a small minority of players care about.

I am all in favor of making the vehicles in Halo:Reach a bit more like they were in past Halo games. I hope they make some adjsutments to the Banshee Bomb radius or player movement before H:CEA comes out. I hate not being able to jump out of the way of of a Banshee bomb like I could in the past.

I love the majority of vehicle mechanics as is. However, the Banshee as is is a near game-breaking lightning-bruiser, because it is built as a bullet-proof glass-cannon. Combing the the maneuvers to the boost gauge is my current thought on bringing its power-use down without nerfing the idea that the Banshee is the aerial equivalent to the Scorpion, a god-like vehicle.

You say the banshee is super powerful, so why dont you just learn how to use it?

> You say the banshee is super powerful, so why dont you just learn how to use it?

How does that fix the problem AT ALL?

Even if he becomes amazing with it, the banshee is still OP as hell.
Even if he becomes amazing with it, the opposing TEAM may still beat him to it
Even if he becomes amazing with it, his teammates may beat him to it
Even if he becomes amazing with it, his team may not spawn by the banshee, making it impossible for him to obtain the first one (Breakpoint)

Maybe TC doesn’t like using cheap tactics? Maybe he wants to take enjoyment in his win, and you just can’t feel like you’ve earned a well fought win when you just backflip/banshee bomb the entire time.

The Banshee is made of paper. Get a few DMR’s on it, maybe a sniper, and Poof your problem just exploded into a flaming fireball hurtling towards the ground.

I despise the banshee and anyone who kills me with it and that dumb bomb. The splash damage on it is just ridiculous. 9/10 the players using it couldn’t win a DMR fight if they tried, pads stats with it all the time, and are pretty bad when it comes to actually playing the game outside of BTB without flying a banshee. I hated it in halo 3 and even more in reach.

This is why every map should have a laser on it so I can blow it out of the sky like I did in halo 3. Banshee players are cheap plain and simple. I have no kills with a banshee and do just fine. I’d like them to try and do the same but they can’t and won’t, they do not posses such skill lol

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